Greater Genesee County ACO


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Aco Name and Location

Greater Genesee County ACO
1020 Charter Dr.
Ste D,
Flint, MI 48532

ACO Primary Contact

Toni Natchez


ACO Participants

Ahmad Abdel-Halim MD,PLLC    
  Ahmad W. Abdel-Halim, MD  
Alan P. Goldberg MD, PC    
  Alan P. Goldberg, MD    
Hindi Ahmed MD, PLC      
  Hindi Ahmed, MD    
Premier Medical Clinics, PC    
  Brian J. Bhagat, MD    
  Jagdish B. Bhagat, MD    
  Aram Sarkis Minasian, MD  
  Ravikumar R. Peddireddy, MD  
  Miguel Francisco Perez-Pascual, MD
  Syed A. Sattar, MD    
  Hoda A. Zaki, MD    
Purushottam Naik MD, PC    
  Purushottam Naik, MD    
Saed J Sahouri MD, PLLC    

Saed J. Sahouri, MD

Jitendra P Katneni MD, PC  
  Jitendra Katneni, MD  
Damayanthi Pandrangi MD, PC  
  Damayanthi Pandrangi, MD  
Edwin L DeLange DO, PC  
  Edwin DeLange, DO  
Ernesto S Duterte MD, PC  
  Ernesto Duterte, MD  


Samasandrapalya Kiran MD, PC  
  Samasandrapalya Kiran, MD  
Sasikala & Koteswara Rao Vemuri MD, PC
  Lucille T. Saha, MD    
  Koteswara Vemuri, MD    
  Sasikala Vemuri, MD    
  Santhi Mekala, MD        
Jami Foreback, MD
Siva Sankaran MD, PC      
  Siva Sankaran, MD    
Michigan Internal Medicine, PC    
  Kazem Hak, MD    
Preventive Care Center, PLC  
  Seth Bernard, DO  
Goodrich Medical Center, PC  
  Yamini Ramalingam, MD  
Maria E. Smith MD, PLC  
  Maria Smith, MD  
Indira Alluru MD, PC  
  Indira Alluru, MD  
Kunadi & Reddy MD, PLC
  Uday Kunadi, MD    
  K. S. Reddy, MD    
Healthways Michigan Group, PLC  
  Rommel Aquino, MD  
Primary Healthcare Michigan, PLC  
  Pauline Aquino, MD  
Shafi J Ahmed MD, PC  
  Shafi Ahmed, MD  
Rajakumari L Swamy MD, PC  
  Rajakumari Swamy, MD  
  No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.    


ACO Governing Body

Dr. Samasandrapalya Kiran, Voting Member and Chairman of the Board, Samasandrapalya Kiran MD, PC
Dr. Shafi J. Ahmed, Voting Member and Vice-Chairman, Premier Medical Clinics, PC
Dr. Brian J. Bhagat, Voting Member and Medical Director, Premier Medical Clinics, PC
Dr. Saed J.Sahouri, Voting Member and Chief Financial Officer, Saed J Sahouri MD, PLLC
Dr. Damayanthi Pandrangi, Voting Member and Secretary, Damayanthi Pandrangi MD, PC
Dr. Miguel Francisco Perez-Pascual, Voting Member and Quality/Compliance Officer, Premier Medical Clinics, PC
Mr. Ralph Pieper, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative

Each Member on the governing body is given equal voting power.

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership

Chairman: Samasandrapalya Kiran, MD
Vice-Chairman: Shafi Ahmed, MD
ACO Executive Director: Ms Toni Natchez
Medical Director: Brian Bhagat, MD
Chief Financial Officer: Saed Sahouri, MD
Secretary: Damayanthi Pandrangi, MD
Compliance Officer: Miguel Francisco Perez-Pascual, MD
ACO IT Director: Mr Jeff Whitten
Practice Operations Director: Mrs Kelly Meyers

ACO Committees and Committee Leaderships

Compliance Committee: Dr. Kazem Hak, Chair
Finance Committee: Dr. Edwin L. DeLange, Chair
Utilization Management Committee: Dr. Ahmad Abdel-Halim, Chair
Quality Assurance & Improvement Committee: Dr. Brian Bhagat, Chair


Types of ACO participants

Network of individual practices of ACO professionals


Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2014: $2,048,167
  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2015: $1,903,668
  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2016: $4,054,586
  • Agreement period beginning 2017, Performance Year 2017: $0


Distribution of Savings

  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2014
    • Reinvest in infrastructure: 20%
    • Distribution to ACO Participants: 80%
  • Agreement period beginning 2014, performance Year 2015
    • Reinvest in infrastructure: 10%
    • Distribution to ACO Participants: 90%
  • Agreement period beginning 2014, performance Year 2016
    • Reinvest in infrastructure: 10%
    • Distribution to ACO Participants: 90%
  • Agreement period beginning 2017, performance Year 2017
    • Reinvest in infrastructure: N/A
    • Distribution to ACO Participants: N/A

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.

Quality Performance Results

2014 Results (PDF Format)

2015 Results (PDF Format)

2016 Results (PDF Format)

2017 Results (PDF Format)